Hotel Review: Boutique NYLO Hotel Las Colinas

May 18, 2015  •  28 Comments

I don’t usually write hotel reviews, but this boutique hotel left an impression.

When you pull up to the NYLO Hotel Las Colinas you immediately know it is different. The exposed brick, the neon green barn door entrance: it is not like other hotels.

This boutique hotel in the business district of Irving (outside of Dallas), Texas, is a loft-inspired gem, featuring exposed brick and ducts and colorful artwork. The rooms are cozy but make great use of space with sliding, barn doors and hidden nooks. The walls and floors are concrete and the room features a desk, miniature closet, and a view of the pool.











The Hotel

As you explore the lobby, you can’t help but notice the personal swings in the front by the check-in desk. The walls and elevators (designed by Abstract Zebra), are decorated with colorful paintings, some reminiscent of the board game "Sorry." The long hallways with cement flooring really give a loft-like, industrial feel. As you go further down the hall, the restaurant/bar meets you and transitions seamlessly to the outside pool area with an open-air wall.

Speaking of the pool, it is pretty awesome (see above). Outdoor high-top tables dot the patio, along with lawn chairs and a bar for events and the occasional cocktail in the evening. Lounge chairs are plentiful and the area around the pool has great sunlight for sunbathing or relaxing. And across the grass are several cabanas with views of the pool and large seats and pillows for relaxing in the shade.




The Rooms

The rooms are cozy but well appointed. The rich, warm colors and the style and design allowed for a great use of limited space. I loved the exposed brick wall and the cement ceiling and walls for that modern, loft-inspired feel. Nooks were utilized for the closet and the barn-door style bathroom door slides to reveal a full length mirror. The TV is on a swiveling wall mount and there is even a desk and sitting area in the room. The area certainly encompassed the work-life feeling that a loft embodies.

The bed was super comfy and the multi-colored lights gave a great ambiance in the rooms. The only downside: The window shade was so far behind the bed it was hard to reach the chain when you wanted your privacy. Same went for the A/C placement. But the sleek and well-appointed room made up for those small flaws.
















The Food

I grabbed lunch at The Loft Restaurant in the hotel. It was too hot to sit outside in the direct sunlight, but that open-wall restaurant/bar area was a perfect solution. I sat right at the edge of the inside and outside, allowing me a perfect view of the pool and grounds while not dying of heat stroke. The drinks were good and the food had great flavor, and managed to accomplish filling but light. I had the side Caesar salad and the Basil Pesto Flatbread. The bread was thicker than most flatbreads but was airy and delicious. I enjoyed my meal (and martini), quite a bit then took some time to relax in a cabana by the pool.

And, of course, the Loft carried through the loft-style décor of the hotel, with exposed ducts and a cement floor.


Overall Impressions

All in all, I would definitely stay at The NYLO Hotels again. The uniqueness of this boutique hotel chain has actually encouraged me to branch out more, beyond the typical mega-chain hotels and resorts and look into boutique options. I can’t wait until the Blogger 2 Boss Conference next year so I can have the chance to stay again.



Felice Raina(non-registered)
Wow this boutique hotel is beautiful. Now i know where to stay when I finally make that trip to Texas. I
Looks like a great job re purposing an old building. It makes me feel good when developers take the time to use a cool, old space instead of just knocking it over and building another big box.
omg I can see why you just had to write a review! This hotel looks beyond fabulous! boutique hotels are always my favorite because of the customization :)
Yona Williams(non-registered)
I like the artistic touches throughout this hotel - those are some of the things I tend to remember most during a hotel stay. I want to visit Dallas, Texas area one of these days.
Manu Kalia(non-registered)
Wow! What a great experience, I am more interesting in the Basil Pesto Flatbread. It makes me want to visit the place for it.
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